[Hints] Evolution of Bulu Monster

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  • this is awesome. im glad i chose firechick. im a huge phoenix fan!
  • will you guys be posting other monsters?

  • Which monster you want? 
  • oh, good question, lol. my girlfriend really likes bitterpillar. could we see that one? also, does this mean anyone can request a evolution chart? or is it because this forum is a bit quite?
  • id like to see as many as u can post a full guide would be good....or do all evolve at 20 and 40? or is there different levels for different types?
  • can you please post all the starter?
  • All Starter monster are same. 
  • can you tell us the weakness of each one? switching monster everytime :p

  • Can u please post the evolution for this monster which is called cobra?? If I'm not mistaken... The snake one...
  • Which level will the cobra evolve to vabra?
  • First Evolution takes place @ lvl 20.
    If it has a second one, it will take place @ lvl 40.
  • I noticed that in my game froggie evolves into toadmaster at level 19. Is this supposed to happen?
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